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What we eat is a personal choice and it’s not right for you to go round telling people what to do.


It’s my choice. Why can’t you respect that?


Quick Response

Yes, it’s a personal choice. However, where that choice causes unnecessary harm I am morally obligated to speak out


Yes, it’s a personal choice but no choice that causes unnecessary harm should be respected.

Detail - Analytic

A golden rule of moral philosophy is; “all things being equal you ought to choose the action that does the least harm”

Anyone who accepts:

  1. It is not a necessary need to eat meat.
  2. Eating meat is the indirect cause of great harm.
  3. The golden rule that, “all things being equal you ought to choose the action that does the least harm”

will necessarily conclude:

  • Your personal choice to eat meat causes unnecessary harm, does not warrant respect, and morally obligates me to speak out.

Point 1 is a factual claim. If you doubt this claim please read A well planned vegan diet is suitable for people of all ages.

Point 2 is the factual claim that animals are harmed by commercial farming and slaughter. See Animal slaughter methods

Point 3 is a value statement that most people would accept.

The conclusion holds that, where an individual could easily choose otherwise but instead out of personal choice selects an option that does uneccessary harm, there is no reason to respect that individual’s choice and there is good reason to speak out against it.

This holds equally true:

  • If you choose to litter.
  • If you choose to buy clothes knowing they were made in a sweat shop when you have other options.

So yes; it’s your personal choice. But no! I will not respect that choice or remain silent.

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Dr Tery Hardwicke
Sam Martin